Following the fighting in and around Terasonia concluding with singular event in the shabby town of Yermetz, Arketre and Karlyn settle in their equivalent of temporary domesticity mixed with duties while Trelli learns to employ her expanded powers. Each knows there must be further challenges from the turbulence of political forces within the Oakhostian Empire and in the numerous realms surrounding the World Physical.

As Arketre sunder the guise of her duties as a LifeGuard and accompanied by her beloved Karlyn scout a vicious border war, Trelli ever vigilant meets with them with concerns over manifestations in Yermetz. On return they are faced with a most singular request to rescue a Shadow Lords foe from the captivity of the Lords of the Air. This event is but one of many taking place amongst many players and forces across the realms.

These will draw the three women into a complex interplay in which no one person nor groups is truly in control. Each woman will be called to face challenges as individuals upon battlefields of war, politics and heritages. Each must face a division of loyalties always displaying a grim, fierce loyalty to each other. Even as minor individuals their love, friendship, courage and rebelliousness as one, two or the trio united defy powers supposedly beyond their capabilities. 

Traditions, heritages and beliefs are caste aside as neither woman is willing to back down from the bounds forged in 'Of Patchwork Warriors'. No rules will hold them in check, events considered impossible are theirs for the melding.

(Warning this book contents violence, acts of an explicitly intimate nature and happy endings)

(Waiting cover and the re-editing of Volumes One & Two before release)