Our Skirmishers of Lace, Steel and Fire

Continuing ‘The Precipice Dominions’ series. Volume One ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ narrated the bonding of Trelli, a housemaid and unwilling recipient of the Stommigheid power; Medician of the LifeGuard, Arketre Beritt and Karlyn Nahtinee who defies categorisation. Victory over demonic powers saw their group separated over the Oakhostian empire.
Volume Two finds Trelli in the south of the empire mentored by the Devoteds of the Libratery, while in the north-eastern princedom of Terasonia Karlyn and Arketre indulge in an extended working honeymoon as the LifeGuard soldier awaits her next orders.
Never expecting this bliss to last she is sent to investigate the matters of the confrontation between the local prince and his grand dukes. Whether to make the peace, rescue him or assist the nobility in an overthrow is not made clear to her. Nothing is where the Stommigheid might be involved. Grateful of the presence of her new-found lover Karlyn, Beritt sets forth, unaware rival races exiled from this world seek to exploit events to return, conquer and enslave.
Trelli, thanks to being involved in a task to assist the Libratery in harvesting Stommigheid power is soon to be drawn back to her friends. Here the three find they are at the centre of a maelstrom of plots and strategies; invasions and dramatic responses; ancient struggles and new wars. Powerful agencies and shrewd opportunists circle the mix. Favours are called in, new alliances forged, old understandings caste aside.
Threatened on all sides the three women, respond as before, close ranks and choose old or new allies as the three see fit. Ever loyal to each other and woe to those who get in their way of their code. Once more, they did not ask for any of this, however, never mind the number of possible foes and complexities they will see matters through to the finish. And no one’s plans are safe when Trelli, Arketre and Karlyn take to the field, especially those who believe they have authority over or can best the trio.

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